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Deb & Cherry's Pint Koozie - $5.99 Delivered

The coolest gift for yourself
or others.
Wrap your fingers around your favorite pint with
Deb & Cherry's Pint Koozie,
then just enjoy yourself.

No Finger Freeze & NO regrets!

Includes FREE "Privacy Please" door hanger.

"Before that ice cream touches your lips be sure to protect your finger tips. Use this Koozie if you please
to avoid the dreaded finger freeze."

  •  Hostess Gift:
    Bring a Pint and Koozie! 
  •  At this price ($5.99 delivered) gift them to everyone on your list.
  •  Have several on hand, so to speak, Its ok to serve a Pint in a Koozie to real friends.
  •  Your hairdresser, manicurist, waitress and best friend will love these just like you do.
  •  $5.99 Delivered to you or your gift recipient. Shipping & Handling included.
  • FREE "Privacy Please" door hanger.